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Lightweight Breast Prosthesis lightweight breast Light Weight Silicone Breast Prosthesis

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The Poorti kit consists of one light weight silicone gel prosthesis, two prostheses covers, two pocketed (mastectomy) bras, and one prosthesis holder, all packed inside a discreet water-proof outer packaging kit. If required, the breast prosthesis may also be bought without the pocketed bras. Similarly, accessories such as the prosthesis covers and pocketed bras may also be bought separately.

Poorti breast prosthesis is manufactured in a clean set-up with HEPA purified air using high quality CE grade silicone and high quality CE grade polyurethane film. The breast prostheses are to be first put into a cotton prosthesis cover and then placed inside the pocket of the supplied cotton bra. Therefore there is no direct contact of the prosthesis with the skin. Only cotton makes direct contact with the skin and we use very high-quality cotton material to manufacture the pocketed bras and prosthesis covers. It is even safer than the spectacles where there is a direct contact of the frame with the skin.

There is a dedicated one minute video on our website and youtube which explains the process. The steps are:
  • A) First put prosthesis inside the prosthesis cover
  • B) Then place the covered prosthesis inside the pocket (right, left or both sides) of the bra as per the requirements
  • C) Then wear the bra containing the prosthesis on to the body. Patients who first wear the bra on the body and then try to stuff the prosthesis inside the pocket of the bra put immense pressure on the soft prosthesis leading to its potential rupture and also reduced lifetime.

Please remove the bra containing the breast prosthesis from the body and then take the prosthesis out from the bra, remove the prosthesis cover and place the breast prosthesis in the provided prosthesis holder. Patients who first try to remove the prosthesis from the bra while it is already worn on the body put immense pressure on the soft prosthesis leading to its potential rupture and also reduced lifetime.

Poorti is wearable and the lifespan of any wearable such as clothes, shoes etc. is never suggested. Since 2016, thousands of women have been using Poorti pan-India and beyond without any reported manufacturing related issues. The golden rule is that durability equals care and therefore there is an element of subjectivity involved. If used according to the do’s and don'ts mentioned in the inner leaflet of the kit, the kit lasts for few years, as reported by the users living in different weather conditions.

We use light-weight ISO compliant silicone gel (Imported from Germany) and ISO compliant polyurethane film (imported from the UK) for manufacturing breast prosthesis using our in-house patented manufacturing process and compliant set-up.

Prosthesis are available in 2 shapes – Triangular and Oval (tear-drop) and there are 10 sizes available for each shape. As per our nomenclature, T1 refers to triangular shape size-1, T10 refers to triangular shape size-10, O1 refers to oval shape size-1 and O10 refers to oval shape size-10. Please visit Check Prices to know more.

The pocketed bras are available in 8 different sizes (32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 inches)and in five different colors per size. Please visit Check Prices to know more.

Regular silicone breast forms, worn within a pocketed bra, even though presenting approximately the same weight as a natural breast, tend to cause discrete pain in the shoulder, due to the fact that virtually all the weight of the form has to be supported by the bra’s shoulder strap, as opposed to a natural breast, whose weight is being evenly distributed throughout the chest wall, where it is naturally attached to. This is especially a problem with users of larger breast forms. The pain in the shoulder may cause a viciously faulty posture which in turn may jeopardize the normal alignment of the spine. Therefore, by working together, with patients we developed a light weight variant, which currently thousands of women are using pan-India and beyond with great satisfaction.

Hygiene is a concern amongst the users. Breast prosthesis covers are supplied so as to cover the breast prosthesis before use. Instead of cleaning the soft breast prosthesis after use which may actually rupture the breast prosthesis, these cotton covers may be instead hand-washed. A similar analogy is pillow and pillow covers.

The pockets within the bras are designed to accommodate the prosthesis firmly. Additionally it prevents their dislodgement/accidental slippage due to bodily movements such as during jumping, bowing down towards the floor or while performing few dance steps etc.

The prosthesis holder acts as a home for Poorti breast prosthesis when not in use. This prevents any accidental pricking due to any pointed object for instance in a situation when it is kept uncovered in a wardrobe. The holder also assists to keep the shape of the prosthesis intact due to any accidental external pressure.

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Kindly go to the How to Buy section for help in size selection.

The longer it is worn during a day the sooner is the adaptation and the body becomes used to living a new way of life. Please don't wear the prosthesis while sleeping if you have a tendency to sleep towards your stomach or perform Yoga/exercises with postures which make a direct contact of the body with the floor towards the front side of the body as this may put immense external pressure on the soft breast prosthesis.

After sutures have healed post mastectomy and there is no complication in terms of redness or any remnant exudate discharge, a patient may start wearing Poorti breast prosthesis.

The salt of sea and chlorine of swimming pool may impact the outer PU film therefore not advised. Rain water and normal body sweat has been reported by the patients to not impact the breast prosthesis.

The Poorti breast prosthesis are manufactured at about 120 degrees Celsius. Poorti prosthesis is thermally inert upto 120 degrees and will never erupt/blast across temperatures ranges in which human beings dwell. Patients have been using Poorti breast prosthesis in diverse temperature conditions ranging from -10 degrees Celsius till 50 degrees Celsius. Poorti breast prosthesis my be worn during cooking in the home kitchen with usual precautions.

Breast prosthesis is a concealed prosthesis and is to be worn inside a bra with a cover around it. Based on the feedback of the patients during the product co-evolution, nipples were not included in the prosthesis. If nipples were included, these would get pressed when worn inside a bra.

The authentic soft silicone gel is sticky and therefore it is encapsulated by an outer film made up of polyurethane (PU) to prevent the gel soiling the clothes. We use PU film which is approximately 100 microns (atleast 4 times thicker than the global standards) thereby ensuring a better durability.

The circumferential thin film running throughout the back side of the Poorti breast prosthesis is around 5 mm which is atleast 3 times wider than the global standards thereby ensuring a better durability. This doesn’t affect the purpose at all and leads to no inconvenience while wearing.

The flat back of the Poorti breast prosthesis allows for a firm and stable contact with the body unlike the concave cavity which is present on the back side of few breast prosthesis. The flat back also prevents slippage while body movement.

We are unable to offer returns given the nature of the solution. If the patient took a trial at one of the physical centers and ordered the kit, we would not be able to accept the return of the Poorti kit or offer a size change. If we send the patient a kit by looking at her pictures (without a previous physical trial), then we would ensure that patients get the right fitting by sending a new kit after the return of the ill-fitting kit.

This is a personal decision. The Poorti kit is a non-invasive wearable and it keeps your options open, should you decide to go for a breast reconstruction later on.

Yes. Kindly visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with us. You may also instantly get in touch with us through Whatsapp.

The kit may be immediately bought from our stockist partners immediately after a physical trial. In other situations, it is delivered within 1-5 working days (depending on your location from Delhi-NCR) within India at your doorstep through a trackable courier or Speedpost service of the Indian Post. For deliveries outside India, kindly visit the Contact Us page to get in touch with us. You may also instantly get in touch with us through Whatsapp.

Black dots (actually micro bubbles) may emerge on breast prosthesis after a flight or climbing a high mountain. This is due to the change in air pressure. It is not uncommon for lightweight silicone breast forms to sometimes develop temporary air bubbles if they are in higher elevations where the air pressure changes. This is not a defect, nor will it harm the breast prosthesis. In fact, the air bubbles may typically disappear within about two-three weeks of travelling or climbing. If you are a frequent flyer, these bubbles might not disappear or may take longer to disappear. So don’t worry, travel happy!

Unfortunately the soft breast prosthesis cannot be repaired at all if ruptured.

NO, we do not recommend sticking Poorti breast prosthesis using any topical skin adhesive. The best strategy is to wear it inside the supplied pocketed brassieres.

Poorti breast prosthesis are unnoticeable to human eyes and can be worn on an air plane as well. New security technology might pick up the breast prosthesis and may trigger an alarm resulting in further manual checking. Kindly do not worry. Either inform about your situation to the security officers about this before passing through the body scanner or as appropriate. The security staff is trained to treat cancer survivors sensitively and with due respect. Alternatively you may choose to carry your breast prosthesis within your hand bag and wear it after the security check at the airport. Since the breast prosthesis is medically necessary, it is not subjected to the liquids, gels and aerosols etc related rules. Every country has its own set of rules and therefore an objective answer to this question cannot be provided.

Wrinkling is a normal and routine phenomenon - it doesn't affect the functional outcome. With usage, your breast prosthesis will develop some wrinkling (randomly scattered patterned set of lines) which is absolutely fine. This happens because of the soft gel like material (silicone) which is used to manufacture the prosthesis. It is very similar to ironed clothes developing wrinkles on usage. You should not try to press your prosthesis in order to get rid of these wrinkles as you might rupture it.

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