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The Poorti kit consists of one light weight silicone gel prosthesis, two prostheses covers, two pocketed (mastectomy) bras, and one holder, all packed inside a discreet water-proof outer packaging kit.

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Please leave your queries on our website under the Contact Us section or alternatively feel free to call us on +91 8105311590.

The Poorti kit is a non-invasive wearable and it keeps your options open, should you decide to go for a breast reconstruction later on.

Poorti is wearable and the lifespan of any wearable such as clothes, shoes etc. is never suggested. Thousands of Women have been using Poorti pan-India and beyond since 2016 without any reported issues. The golden rule is that durability equals care. If used according to the do’s and don'ts mentioned in the inner leaflet of the kit, the kit would last for years.

Poorti breast prosthesis is manufactured in a clean set-up with HEPA purified air using medical grade silicone and a medical-grade polyurethane film. The breast prostheses are to be first put into a prosthesis cover and then placed inside the pocket of the supplied bra. Therefore there is no direct contact of the prosthesis with the skin. Only cotton makes direct contact with the skin and we use very high-quality cotton material to manufacture our pocketed bras.

We offer either a physical trial or a selfie strategy as of now, and request for advance payment before the kit is dispatched to you.

We don’t do online sales yet, given the sizing issues. Get in touch with us directly on +91 8105311590 and we will assist you with the same.

Please contact us on +91 8105311590

Kindly go to the How to buy section for help in size selection.

The product is delivered within 2-4 working days at your doorstep through a trackable courier within India.

Yes. Do contact us at +91 8105311590 to buy accessories separately.

We don’t offer returns. If the patient took a trial at one of the physical centers and ordered the kit, we would not be able to accept the return of the Poorti kit. If we send the patient a kit by looking at her selfie, then we would ensure that patients get the right fitting by sending a new kit after the return of the ill-fitting kit.

We use light-weight ISO compliant silicone gel (Imported from Germany) and ISO complaint polyurethane film (imported from the UK) for manufacturing prosthesis using our in-house patented manufacturing process and compliant set-up.

Prosthesis are available in 2 shapes – Triangular and Oval and there are 10 sizes for each shape.